Neumann laajentaa kuulokevalikoimaansa avoimilla NDH 30 -kuulokkeilla

Neumann laajentaa kuulokevalikoimaansa avoimilla NDH 30 -kuulokkeilla


Helsinki, 12.5.2022 – Studiolaitteisiin erikoistunut saksalainen Neumann.Berlin esittelee uudet avoimet NDH 30 -kuulokkeet. Vuonna 2019 julkaistujen, palkittujen NDH 20 -kuulokkeiden menestystä jatkavat referenssitason NDH 30 -studiokuulokkeet sopivat kaikkein haastavimpiin immersiivisiin ja stereomuotoisiin miksaus- ja masterointitöihin. NDH 30 -kuulokkeet tuottavat kannettavassa muodossa lineaarisen äänikuvan, joka vastaa Neumann-kaiutinjärjestelmän tuottamaa, automaattisella MA 1 -kohdistuksella täydellisesti kalibroitua äänikuvaa.

While the NDH 30 retains the high-quality metal construction of the closed-back NDH 20, it is way more than just an open-back version. The entire acoustic system is a new design, including optimized and perfectly positioned dynamic drivers that rival the sonic resolution of planar magnetic transducers. Harmonic distortion is extremely low and, thanks to frequency selective absorbers, the NDH 30 has a remarkably even response across the entire audio spectrum.

“We wanted to create a headphone that is totally reliable and gives you the confidence you need to make the right decisions. The NDH 30 will tell you exactly if your bass is too loud or your vocal needs de-essing,” explains Portfolio Manager Sebastian Schmitz. “The spatial resolution, too, is outstanding because the drivers are made to extremely low tolerances. And because the NDH 30 comes with an internally balanced cable, which improves channel separation.”

Long term wearing comfort is excellent, of course, thanks to large, soft earpads. For easy transportation, the NDH 30 is foldable. The NDH 30 is thus a portable alternative to a Neumann KH line loudspeaker setup, offering full sound and mix compatibility.

At the same time, the NDH 30 is a reference in its own right for headphone compatibility, which is paramount for commercial success, given today’s listening habits. Its extraordinary spatial resolution also recommends the NDH 30 for creating binaural mixes of immersive content, including gaming and VR – rapidly growing markets.

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“Neumann is quickly becoming the global reference in high-quality monitoring. From Oscar-awarded blockbuster filmscores to the most recent Grammy-winning ‘Best Immersive Audio Album’ – all mixed on Neumann monitors. Our customers have been asking for a similar reference when mixing for headphones. After all, headphones are becoming the dominant playback system among consumers – in particular for immersive sound. The NDH 30 is our answer to those demands,” summarizes Neumann’s CEO Ralf Oehl.

The list price of the NDH 30 is €649/$649.

Available May 2022.


  • Linear sound, similar to a perfectly calibrated Neumann loudspeaker system
  • High-resolution stereo panorama with precise localization
  • Transparent, detailed sound image, ideal for mixing & mastering
  • Excellent wearing comfort, easy to transport

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Maik Robbe UNITED KINGDOM - Communications Manager EMEA, Sennheiser electronic SE & Co. KG
Sarah James UNITED KINGDOM, Gasoline Media

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